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Dating With A Difference

Whether you are newly single, a serial dater or just had enough terrible Tinder dates, Date With Eight gives you a fresh new approach to meeting new friends, a partner or the woman or man of your dreams.

Date With Eight is exactly that, a date with seven other people  ~ 4 women and 4 men on the ultimate blind date! By meeting others in a safe environment, doing fun activities, and eating and drinking at places you enjoy, we think this is the perfect formula to finding your match*.

Why Date With Eight?

  • It's fun and exciting! Meet new people in relaxed, fun and social settings.
  • We arrange the date details; day, time and venue. The pressure is not left up to an individual to stress over.
  • It's safe ~ No personal information is shared and you can attend dates with friends, as long as they're single and Date With Eight members too.
  • No awkward conversations about splitting the bill. You pre-pay for what you agree to, and cover any supplements on the date.
  • There is no obligation ~ You are in control.  Difficult follow-up texts are a thing of the past; but you might have exchanged numbers with someone to set up your next 1-1 date.
  • It's worthwhile! No wasted time or money on meaningless dates. Participate in an activity, learn a skill or explore new restaurants, bars that you haven't tried before.

Date With Eight is considered the 'date scene without a screen' and takes advantage of the impressive dining scene and interactive activities that Auckland** has to offer. By creating opportunities where you can interact with other singles and be yourself without the pressure of needing to answer to a particular individual, is a pretty natural way to make connections.

* Disclaimer: There is no algorithm or science in who you go on your date with. We simply set the scene and basic requirements for each date; eg: Italian cooking in Mission Bay for 22 - 30 year olds, and leave it up to those who tick all these boxes to book.


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Upcoming Dates

Buon Appetito! 'Patch' Italian Cooking Buon Appetito! 'Patch' Italian Cooking

Thursday 08 Feb 2018
A date for M & F | 47 - 60 yrs

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  • "Enjoyed the afternoon, good mix of people and plenty of interesting conversation. I was somewhat apprehensive but glad I attended, the overall experience was good."

    Male, 48

  • "This my first experience with any sort of dating. I liked that there was a group as this reduces the pressure significantly. In fact the group setting was probably the main reason I joined. I really enjoyed the experience, thank you!"

    Female, 43

  • "Really great idea - will be recommending to friends! Even if nothing eventuates with anyone, it was a great outing and lots of fun meeting new people. Will definitely be attending again in the near future. "

    Female, 28

  • "Really great idea, 8 is a good number and it's nice that I was able to attend the first one with a friend. "

    Female, 37

  • "The interactive date was good; a good way to get to know someone in a relaxed environment rather than all sitting at a table eating dinner which can a bit awkward especially if some people are more extroverted and take over the conversation. "

    Female, 43

  • "Really enjoyed the date, thought it was a great concept and that it worked really well. "

    Female, 28

  • "Good job. This is a great initiative to help people meet for a potential date. "

    Male, 31

  • "Really cool concept. Great way to meet new people. Definitely keen to give it another crack."

    Male, 31

  • "The dessert date was a superb experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Ice cream is the perfect way to meet new people!"

    Giapo Dessert Date, October 2017

  • "Loved the event, thanks so much! Met some great people and learnt a lot from Giapo! It was a great night. "

    Giapo Dessert Date, October 2017

  • "It was my first one and Giapo was mind-blowingly awesome. Best evening I’ve had in a long time!"

    Giapo Dessert Date, October 2017